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How to Fix AnimeXStream Videos Not Playing on Android?

Does AnimeXStream App Streams Not Working, Video Not Loading or Server Error. Here is the Simple Guide to Fix AnimeXStream Server Error or Video Playback Issues
Fix AnimeXStream Server Error or Video Issues

AnimeXStream app is one of the most popular anime streaming apps available for Android devices. A lightweight streaming application that helps Anime lovers to watch HD Anime movies and series for free without any pay. Though the app works smoothly, you may sometimes face some unwanted errors.

Below are the common errors the users might face while using the Anime X Stream app on there devices.

  • Server Error
  • Video Not Responding
  • Black screen
  • Video Not Playing
  • Streams Not Loading
  • App Crashing

If you are facing any video loading issues or server errors, then below are some of the best solutions to fix AnimeXStream not loading videos or app not working issues on Android mobile.

Fix 1. Check if AnimeXStream is Working

You may not be alone if the videos are not loading on the app. It is better to check online platforms like Reddit and Twitter to see if other users are also having issues with the Anime loading on their app. In case the issue is wide, then it is better to wait for the developer to release a fix.

If the issue is from the server end, then it should be sorted by the developer, or check the GitHub repo to see if the latest bug-fixed version of the app is released. You can even download the older version of the app and check whether that works.

Fix 2. Reboot the Device

A simple reboot can fix most of the issues with the Android apps or the Android system. If Anime X Stream videos aren’t playing on your Android mobile, then the best solution is to reboot the device; rebooting the device will close all unwanted apps and clear up the RAM.

It will also fix any random bugs that may have triggered the issue, but before rebooting the device, I would recommend you close all the running tabs to make sure the reboot works perfectly. Open the overview and slide up the AnimeXStream app to close the running app.

Fix 3. Clear Cache and Data

The Anime X Stream app uses external sources to load videos. If the app is not working or streams are not loading, then the best option is to clear the cache and data of the AnimeXStream app from Android settings.

  1. Open Android Settings.
  2. Look for Apps/All Apps/Manage Apps/App Management.
  3. Here search for Anime X Stream and open it.
  4. Click on Storage Usage.
  5. Here tap on Clear Cache.

This should fix the app streaming issue; if this doesn’t work, you can move forward with clearing data.

Fix 4. Check Internet Access to the App

Android offers options to disable or enable internet access to specific apps. By mistake or due to some system bug, the Anime X Stream app does not have data network or Wi-Fi access then it is better to enable data access to the Anime X Stream app.

  1. Open Android Settings.
  2. Click on Mobile Network.
  3. Here click on Data Usage and open the Network Access option.
  4. Look for AnimeXStream.
  5. Make sure the app has the required internet access.
    AnimeXStream Allow WiFi and Mobile Data Access

Fix 5. Check the Date and Time

Date and Time are essential aspects when you use a streaming app. The device system and online server time & date should be the same for the app to work. Any difference in the same would mean you may face server error. Here are the steps to follow to set an automatic date and Time.

  1. Open Android Settings.
  2. Look for the Date and Time.
  3. The Date & Time option may be under System Settings for some OEMs.
  4. Here enable Automatic Data and Time using Network Provider.

With this simple troubleshooting guide above, you can fix the AnimeXStream app not loading videos or server error issues on your Android mobile. In case, the issue is not fixed, please comment below; we will be happy to assist you.

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  1. hi i am unable to load a video or search for any anime using the search bar. it used to work great and time to time inwould clear data on app settings and it would work again .

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