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How to Play OneDrive Videos on VLC?

Looking to Stream Videos Stored on your OneDrive on VLC Player. Here is the Simple Guide to Play OneDrive Videos on VLC.
How to Play OneDrive Videos on VLC

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution by Microsoft that comes integrated with Windows PC and is also one of the most popular cloud storage solutions that offer free 5GB data and more storage for paid plans. You can store files and other media files on OneDrive that can be accessed from any supported device and can also be shared with others.

If you have videos on your OneDrive and looking to play the videos on a VLC media player, then you can. The video player offered on OneDrive is very basic. Still, you can stream the videos on VLC and make use of the vast features of the VLC player to enrich your viewing experience.

Steps to Stream OneDrive Videos on VLC

  1. Open OneDrive and locate the video that you wish to play on VLC Player.
  2. Select the video file and click on the Download button.
    Download Video
  3. We don’t need to download the entire file, you can cancel the download.
  4. Now go to chrome://downloads and copy the download link URL.
    Copy Link Address
  5. Now open VLC and click on Open Network.
    Open NetworkOpen_Network_Streams_Windows
  6. Paste the copied URL and hit enter.
    Play Video
  7. The video will start streaming, it may take some time for the video to load based on internet speeds, quality, and video length.

That’s it with this simple guide, you can stream and play OneDrive videos on a VLC media player for free.

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